NCC 2019 Volume Three Amendment 1
Introduction to NCC Volume Three

Introduction to NCC Volume Three

About NCC Volume Three

NCC Volume Three contains technical requirements for the design and construction for plumbing and drainage systems in new and existing buildings. Volume Three applies to these systems in all classes of buildings whenever plumbing work is carried out. Volume Three additionally applies to sites where water services are constructed independent of buildings.

Components of NCC Volume Three

NCC Volume Three contains the following Sections:
  • Section A – Governing Requirements, common across the NCC
  • Section B – Water services
  • Section C – Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems
  • Section D – Excessive noise
  • Section E – Facilities
  • Schedules –
    • State and Territory Appendices
    • Abbreviation and symbols
    • NCC defined terms
    • Referenced documents
    • Fire-resistance of building elements
    • Fire hazard properties
    • Fire Safety Verification Method.

Section A contains the mandatory Governing Requirements for the NCC. Sections B to E contain mandatory Performance Requirements and the compliance options to satisfy compliance with the NCC.