NCC 2019 Volume Two Amendment 1
Tasmania variations

Tasmania variations

Application of Tasmanian variations

This Appendix contains variations for application in Tasmania as follows:

Insert in Table 1 of Schedule 4 the following:

Tas Schedule 3 Definitions

Add the definition of Registered Testing Authority as follows:

Registered Testing Authority means—
  1. an organisation registered by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to test in the relevant field; or
  2. an organisation outside Australia registered by an authority recognised by NATA through a mutual recognition agreement.

Tas Schedule 4 Schedule of referenced documents

Tas Table 1 Schedule of referenced documents
No. Title Volume Two
N/A Condensation in Buildings Tasmanian Designers’ Guide -
Version 2
Tasmanian Note to Part

All referenced documents including legislation, codes, Australian Standards, guidelines and codes of practice are the version current at the time of the project documentation approval, unless noted otherwise.