NCC 2019 Volume Two Amendment 1
2.4 Design scenario (SF)

2.4 Design scenario (SF)

Smouldering fire

Design scenario in brief

A fire is smouldering in close proximity to a sleeping area.

Required outcome

Provide a safe sleeping area.

Demonstrate that the level of safety be at least equivalent to the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions.

2.4.1 Design scenario description

This design scenario addresses the concern regarding a slow, smouldering fire that causes a threat to sleeping occupants. Assume that active and passive fire safety systems in the building perform as intended by the design.

2.4.2 Typical method or solution

The expected methodology is to either—


use separating elements to confine the fire to the space of origin (assuming it is a separate space from the sleeping area), or


include automatic detection of smoke in adjacent spaces to provide early warning of fire within an adjoining space.

The separating elements must prevent all smoke ingress which, for almost all situations requires a pressure differential between the two spaces in addition to a physical barrier. The pressure differential will have to be sufficient to prevent smoke ingress to the sleeping area.

If the automatic detection methodology is chosen, then an automatic smoke detection and alarm system must be installed throughout the sleeping and adjoining spaces.