NCC 2019 Volume Two Amendment 1
Part 3.4.2 Steel framing

Part 3.4.2 Steel framing

Appropriate Performance Requirements

Appropriate Performance Requirements

Where an alternative steel framing system is proposed as a Performance Solution to that described in Part 3.4.2, that proposal must comply with—

  1. Performance RequirementP2.1.1; and
  2. the relevant Performance Requirements determined in accordance with A2.2(3) and A2.4(3) as applicable.

Acceptable Construction Manuals Application

Performance RequirementP2.1.1 is satisfied for steel framing if it is designed and constructed in accordance with one of the following:


Residential and low-rise steel framing:


Design: NASH Standard 'Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing' Part 1.


Design solutions: NASH Standard 'Residential and Low-Rise Steel Framing' Part 2.


Steel structures: AS 4100.


Cold-formed steel structures: AS/NZS 4600.

Explanatory information:

Explanatory information:

Design requirements for other materials used in combination with steel framing, including the use of concrete floors, structural steel support beams, etc. are described in Part 3.0 — Structural provisions or Part 3.4.4 for structural steel members.