NCC 2019 Volume Two Amendment 1
Part 3.1.2 Earth retaining structures

Part 3.1.2 Earth retaining structures

Appropriate Performance Requirements

Appropriate Performance Requirements :

Where an alternative earth retaining structure design is proposed as a Performance Solution to that described in Part 3.1.2, that proposal must comply with—

  1. Performance RequirementP2.1.1; and
  2. The relevant Performance Requirements determined in accordance with A2.2(3) and A2.4(3) as applicable.

Acceptable Construction Manual

Performance RequirementP2.1.1 is satisfied for an earth retaining structure associated with the construction of a building or structure if it is designed and constructed in accordance with AS 4678.

Explanatory information:

Explanatory information:

AS 4678 contains requirements for earth retaining structures between 800 mm and 15 m in height, and does not apply to structures which are founded in exceptional site conditions (e.g. landslips), are subjected to sustained cyclic loading or are used for the purposes of water-retaining (e.g. dams and reservoirs).

It should be noted that is only one way of achieving compliance with P2.1.1. Other ways of complying include the following:

  1. The relevant structural design manuals in Part 3.0.
  2. The relevant provisions of other Parts of Section 3 relating to earth retaining structures.
  3. A Performance Solution that uses one of the other NCC Assessment Methods which verifies that compliance with P2.1.1 will be achieved.