NCC 2019 Volume Three
Schedule 3 Definitions

Schedule 3 Definitions


Insert definition for accreditation as follows:

Accreditation means in respect of an on-site wastewater management system, the process of accreditation by the Director of Building control.

Insert definition for certificate of accreditation as follows:

Certificate of Accreditation means a certificate issued under Tas Part I102 by the Director of Building control stating that a plumbing or drainage system meets the Performance Requirements of the relevant Parts of the PCA.

Replace definition of Expert Judgement and the explanatory information as follows:

Expert Judgement means the judgement of a person who has the qualifications and expertise to determine whether a Plumbing or Drainage Solution complies with the Performance Requirements.

Explanatory information

Explanatory information:

The level of qualification and/or experience required to determine whether a Plumbing or Drainage Solution complies with the Performance Requirements may differ depending on the degree of complexity and the requirements of the Tasmanian Building Act. Practitioners should seek advice from the Permit Authority as to what will be accepted.

Replace definition of Network Utility Operator and the explanatory information as follows:

Network Utility Operator means a person who— .
  1. undertakes the piped distribution of drinking water or non-drinking water for supply; or
  2. is the operator of a sewerage system or a stormwater drainage system.

Explanatory information

Explanatory information:

A Network Utility Operator is the water and sewerage authority licensed to supply water and supply water and receive sewage and/or stormwater in Tasmania. The authority operates or proposes to operate a network that undertakes the distribution of water for supply and undertakes to receive sewage and/or stormwater drainage. This authority may be a licensed water and sewerage authority for water and sewerage, or the relevant council, for on-site waste water management and stormwater systems.

Replace definition of on-site wastewater management system as follows:

On-site wastewater management system means on-site wastewater management system as defined by the Tasmanian Building Act.

Insert definition of Permit Authority as follows:

Permit Authority means a permit authority as defined by the Tasmanian Building Act.

Replace definition of professional engineer as follows:

Professional engineer means a person who is an engineer accredited under the Tasmanian Building Act in the relevant discipline who has appropriate experience and competence in the relevant field.

Replace definition of recognised expert as follows:

Recognised expert means a person with qualifications and expertise in the area of plumbing and drainage in question, as determined by the Director of Building Control.

Insert definition for sanitary appliance as follows:

Registered Testing Authority


  1. an organisation registered by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to test in the relevant field; or
  2. an organisation outside Australia registered by an authority recognized by NATA through a mutual recognition agreement.
Sanitary appliance means an appliance which is intended to be used for sanitation, but which is not a sanitary fixture. Included are machines for washing dishes, glasses and washing clothes and the like.

Insert definition for sanitary fixture as follows:

Sanitary fixture means a fixture which is intended to be used for sanitation.

Insert definition for sanitation as follows:

Sanitation means the activities of washing or excretion carried out in a manner or condition such that the effect on health is minimised, with regard to dirt and infection.

Insert definition for sewerage system as follows:

Sewerage system means a sewerage system as defined in the Plumbing Regulations.

Insert definition for unique plumbing product as follows:

Unique plumbing product means a plumbing or drainage product that is—
  1. a prototype; or
  2. made on-site; or
  3. purpose built and the only one of its type; or
  4. imported from outside Australia for a one-off use; or
  5. determined by the Director of Building Control to be a unique plumbing product.