NCC 2019 Volume Three
Section C Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems

Section C Sanitary plumbing and drainage systems

Part C2 Sanitary drainage systems

Delete CF2.2 and insert NT CF2.2 as follows:

Explanatory information:

Explanatory information:

NT CF2.2

* * * * *

Performance Requirements

Delete CP2.2 and insert NT CP2.2 as follows:

NT CP2.2 * * * * *

Explanatory information

This clause has deliberately been left blank.

Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions

Delete C2.3 and insert NT C2.3 as follows:

NT C2.3 * * * * *

Delete C2.4(1) and insert NTC2.4(1) as follows:

NT C2.4 General requirements


The design, construction, installation, replacement, repair, alteration and maintenance of a sanitary drainage system must be in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.2 with the following variations:


Substitute clause as follows:

A minimum height of 100 mm shall be maintained between the top of the overflow gully riser and the lowest fixture connected to the drain; and


Substitute clause as follows:

The minimum height between the top of the overflow gully riser and the surrounding natural ground surface level shall be 150 mm, except where the gully riser is located in a path or paved area, where it shall be finished at a level so as to prevent the ponding and ingress of water; and


Inspection openings are only required—


at the connections to the Network Utility Operator sewer main; and


where a new section of drain is to be connected to an existing drain; and


as required by the regulator; and


A domestic swimming pool must not be connected to sewer main; and


A swimming pool other than a domestic swimming pool, must not be connected to a sewer main without the approval of the Network Utility Operator; and


A clothes washing machine must not discharge into a floor waste gully.