Report Cost of installing typical Accessible Adult change facility DCWC

This report estimates the potential construction costs for an accessible adult change facility in an existing modified BCA facility or a separated facility as specified below:

Delivery of the BCR National Framework (December 2020)

This Public Report provides a progress update on delivery of the Building Confidence Report (BCR) National Framework by the ABCB's BCR Implementation Team, up to December 2020.

Pipe sizing verification method draft worked examples

This report presents worked examples of a draft Verification Method developed by the ABCB for the sizing of cold and heated water supply pipework.

Report Warm water

This report contains a range of information drawn from existing material on warm water systems, including regulatory requirements, State and Territory based advisory information and NCC provisions

Sanitary plumbing drainage and pipe sizing

Report The ABCB commissioned Lucid Consulting Australia to undertake a review of sanitary plumbing and drainage standards BS EN 12056-2:200 and BS EN 752:2017.

Report Backflow prevention

This report is the outcome of the ABCB’s Plumbing Code Development Research Project for backflow prevention.

Residential energy efficiency heating and cooling load limits

Report This report outlines the principles and methodology used to develop the proposed residential heating and cooling load limits for all Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) climate z

Energy Action Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis

This report shows the results of a number of building models that compare the energy, cost and greenhouse gas emission reductions of buildings built to Deemed to Satisfy provisions of Section J NCC

Fatigue damage metal battens simulated wind loads

This paper investigates the fatigue performance of the battens using analysis methods applied in studying cladding fatigue.

Report Rainwater harvesting and use

This report is the outcome of the ABCB’s Plumbing Code Development Research Project for rainwater harvesting and use.