The process for developing Performance Solutions A2.2(4) is now in effect.

What this means is that the NCC provisions for developing Performance Solutions is now legislated under the NCC Governing Requirements, and must be used by all practitioners when developing Performance Solutions.

To raise further awareness and assist in providing better understanding to practitioners affected by the new provision, the ABCB has produced a number of supporting materials.

Below are the available resources for this process


The Handbook: Performance Solution Process assists in understanding and developing Performance Solutions and NCC terms and terminology used in the Performance Solution process.  It also expands each step in the process.

Case studies and scenarios

The Case Study: Accessible Entrance steps through the Performance Solution Process for a design looking to provide an accessible entrance for a retail fit out.


The NCC: A performance-based code

This video provides an overview of the NCC as a performance-based code, as well as outlining the different pathways of achieving compliance with the mandatory Performance Requirements.

The NCC: Meeting the performance Requirements

This video provides an overview of the Assessment Methods contained in the NCC, and the pathways used to demonstrate compliance with the Performance Requirements.

The NCC: Developing Performance Solutions

This video provides an overview of our guide to developing performance-based design solutions.

Applying A2.2(4) provision using Energy Efficiency case studies

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Applying the Performance Solution process: Energy Efficiency Case Study

ABCB’s Subject Matter Expert Evan Logan discusses a simple Performance Solution using energy efficiency case studies to demonstrate the four step process.

Applying NCC provision A2.2(4) - Interactive case study

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Applying NCC provision A2.2(4) - Interactive case study

This interactive video demonstrates a plumbing case study that uses a Performance Solution for a drainage system. 


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The ABCB has a range of other useful resources which are available from the ABCB’s resource library.

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