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We are consulting on the potential inclusion of all-gender bathroom provisions in the National Construction Code (NCC). We want to hear if, and how, the suggested changes will impact your work.

The suggested changes will enable practitioners to provide all-gender sanitary facilities alongside male, female and accessible facilities.

The changes include: 

  • A voluntary Deemed-to-Satisfy pathway in Section F, F4 Sanitary and Other Facilities
  • Replacing and consistently using ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ and ‘accessible’ instead of ‘unisex’ throughout the NCC.

Modernising and standardising the language and incorporating all-gender bathrooms into the NCC supports a more inclusive and equitable society. Embracing diversity, and reflecting it in our built environment, will have a positive contribution to the well-being of individuals in our community.

You can read more about the changes on the consultation page.


You won’t find these changes in the NCC 2025 Public Comment Draft (PCD). 

We are running a separate consultation because this topic needs both technical and policy consideration. If you would like to view and provide comments on other proposed changes for NCC 2025, you can visit the PCD consultation.

How to provide feedback on the suggested changes

The consultation is available on our Consultation Hub and will be open for feedback until 11:59 pm AEST 1 July 2024.

We invite and encourage stakeholders to provide their input to help inform our next steps.