We’ve developed a new free educational product range for providers of continuing professional development (CPD).

What we’re doing and why

Our NCC CPD micromodules have been developed for CPD providers to deliver as part of their own CPD activities. Our aim is to complement existing programs and increase National Construction Code (NCC) content in education. This will ultimately improve practitioner understanding and achieve NCC compliant outcomes. 

What are NCC CPD micromodules?

NCC CPD micromodules are our new contribution to CPD in the building and plumbing sector. They help educate practitioners on the NCC. 

The micromodule format offers an important benefit of providing smaller segments of relevant NCC content that can be included into comprehensive CPD packages, delivered by CPD providers.

The NCC CPD modules: 

  • are short bite-sized products that contain CPD content on the NCC
  • prioritise areas of the NCC with known difficulties and misunderstandings
  • are provided as a plain PowerPoint slide deck so you can tailor CPD delivery to the needs of your audience.

Who can access the NCC CPD micromodules?

To receive access to the micromodules, you must be a CPD provider. A CPD provider is an entity, typically an organisation or government body that develops and/or provides CPD activities or CPD content. A CPD provider may or may not be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Benefits for CPD providers

  • You have the flexibility to contextualise the content in your preferred delivery method i.e., an online webinar, face-to-face workshop, or an online course. You can include the NCC CPD micromodule content at the start, middle or end of your content.
  • You will help your practitioners improve their understanding and effective implementation of the NCC, which can reduce poor and unsafe practices and improve building outcomes for consumers.
  • You will build a productive and collaborative relationship with us here at the ABCB and share knowledge on what your practitioners need further education on when it comes to the NCC.
  • Using the NCC CPD micromodules will help you align your CPD to the ABCB model guidance on CPD.
  • You can save time and resources by not having to develop your own NCC content and be assured that it is technically accurate and up to date.

How do I get access?

To get access to the NCC CPD micromodules, please click the button below to register and we’ll be in touch.