An approach to market process is now open on AusTender to procure a consultant to provide energy efficiency advice for NCC 2025. 

The work includes the creation of multiple building energy models to assess the cost effectiveness of increasing the stringency of energy efficiency regulations. This requires an understanding of architecture and building envelopes, understanding mechanical engineering as it relates to building HVAC and hot water systems, understanding of electrical engineering in relation to lighting, distributed energy resource equipment and the electricity grid.

The Supplier will need to determine:

  • the key modelling scope and assumptions to be used in the building-level analysis when determining costs and benefits of potential stringency changes. This is to be developed by the consultant and confirmed with the ABCB Office early in the project. This includes both economic parameters and technical parameters such as climate files 
  • any dependencies that may be required to implement the measures, such as perquisite or concurrent measures, additional hardware or spatial requirements. Ensure that this is accounted for in the analysis
  • how any new or modified DTS provisions will integrate with other parts of the Code, including avoiding potential conflicts and unintended consequences.

The technical analysis will cover investigation in the areas of:

  • Building fabric
  • Building services
  • Simulation-based Verification Methods
  • Renewable Energy, EVs and battery storage
  • Support for the development of the Regulations, Regulation Impact Assessments and supporting materials

Submissions close 12:00am, 9 November 2022.

If you have any enquiries please contact