False – and this is often the root of compliance issues around plumbing and drainage products.

A simple way to address this is through early education.

If you’re an educator, our NCC Tutor resource 'Understanding WaterMark' can help you teach your students about the importance of  WaterMark certified products.

What is WaterMark?

The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory national scheme for specified plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use.

Who needs to know about WaterMark?

Every practitioner involved in the process of specifying, designing, procuring and installing products related to plumbing and drainage should know about WaterMark.

If they don’t know, inappropriate products could be supplied and used on site, and would not be compliant with the NCC. The task of replacing these products can create delays in project timeframes, increase project costs and impose pressure on the installer, who would risk their licence.

It’s also important that practitioners can provide advice to their clients about WaterMark, as many purchasers of plumbing and drainage products often buy from online stores, like eBay and Amazon, and retail stores where non-WaterMark certified products are available.

It is important to look for the WaterMark trademark and licence number on products, their packaging and promotional material.

NCC Tutor ‘Understanding WaterMark’

Our NCC Tutor module is available as a presentation for educators to use in-class, or as a ready-to-go recorded lesson that students can also access.

So, when students go to design that dream bathroom or kitchen as an assignment – ask them – have they considered whether the products they suggested are WaterMark certified?

I’m a practitioner and would like to learn more

The ABCB offers a range of resources to help practitioners of all experience levels better understand WaterMark. You can find out more with our ‘Look for the WaterMark’ campaign or head to the WaterMark resource library.