There is a lot riding on a design practitioner’s knowledge, not only in terms of client satisfaction, but also in terms of how safe a building will be for the occupants. In recent years, high-profile building defects have raised the stakes, as consumer confidence in the construction industry waned.

Two online NCC CPD courses for design practitioners are now available – Pathways to Compliance and Designing for Bushfire Prone Areas. These courses help design practitioners deepen their understanding of relevant requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) and how to apply them in their day-to-day work.

These courses have been recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects as Formal CPD through its Refuel CPD Program. CPD enhances the professional knowledge and personal skills needed for the advancement of architecture, building design, society and the environment.

The course content for this online CPD course has been developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) in consultation with industry, government and subject matter experts. The subject areas explore topics, industry issues, and challenges found in the Building Confidence Report. Experts from relevant disciplines have contributed to developing the course content and supporting materials, to ensure NCC CPD courses are practical and relevant to your everyday work. The courses support and supplement other CPD courses provided by industry, government, and existing accreditation schemes.

Pathways to Compliance explained

The NCC CPD course on Pathways to Compliancegives design participants a thorough understanding of the function and application of the NCC and the different requirements of Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) and Performance Solution pathways. This includes explaining the function of key parts of the NCC, and verification required to demonstrate compliance.

Designing for bushfire prone areas

The NCC CPD course on Designing in Bushfire Prone Areas helps participants understand the underlying behaviour of bushfire, how risk is assessed and what the requirements are for compliant design. This is not only relevant in terms of achieving the final Certificate of Occupancy, but also in terms of addressing wider concerns.

By having a deeper knowledge of how buildings come under attack, the relevant provisions of the NCC and the relevant Australian Standard (AS 3959:2018), practitioners will gain greater expertise in designing buildings that can better protect occupants.

Learn anywhere at your own pace

The ABCB has partnered with online industry training provider, Pointsbuild, to deliver NCC CPD. The courses are engaging, and combine written materials, videos, images and practical information. Being entirely online also means you can learn when and where it suits you and at your own pace.

More information about how to purchase NCC CPD is available.


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