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D2.22 Re-entry from fire-isolated exits


Doors of a fire-isolated Open link in same pageexit must not be locked from the inside as follows:


In a Class 9c building.


In a fire-isolated Open link in same pageexit serving any storey above an Open link in same pageeffective height of 25 m, throughout the Open link in same pageexit.


The requirements of Open link in same page(a) do not apply to a door fitted with a fail-safe device that Open link in same pageautomatically unlocks the door upon the activation of a fire alarm and—


on at least every fourth Open link in same pagestorey, the doors are not able to be locked and a sign is fixed on such doors stating that re-entry is available; or


an intercommunication system, or an audible or visual alarm system, operated from within the enclosure is provided near the doors and a sign is fixed adjacent to such doors explaining its purpose and method of operation.