The ABCB has given consideration to whether the permissible lead content in plumbing products in contact with drinking water should be reduced. A Regulation Impact Statement was released for public comment with submissions taken into consideration by the ABCB.

A Decision RIS, which provides input to the decision making process, was considered by the ABCB Board at a meeting in June. At this meeting it was agreed to limit the lead content of plumbing products in contact with drinking water to 0.25%. This has been reflected in the public comment draft of NCC 2022.

The ABCB Board also agreed to a 3-year transition period commencing on 1 September 2022. Nevertheless, on account of immediate advice of this decision being given, around 4ΒΌ years notice is provided. An Industry Update has been prepared to advise stakeholders of this decision to provide industry with as much transition time as possible.