We’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of 2 new continuing professional development (CPD) courses for plumbers – subscribe directly to NCC CPD to be notified of their release.

Our CPD courses will provide all plumbers with the opportunity to build on their professional credibility and hit the ground running in an industry where compliance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) is crucial.

What courses will be available?

How the PCA works

This one-hour course helps you understand how plumbing work can comply with the PCA, without compromising a building’s compliance with Volume One and Two of the NCC.

The course also covers:

  • The PCA, its structure, content, role and relationship to jurisdictional legislation, the other NCC volumes and referenced documents (particularly AS/NZS 3500 standards).
  • The general application of the PCA to new services and installations.
  • The application of the PCA to maintenance, alterations and additions to existing services/installations.

Heated water services

This one-hour course helps you understand how your plumbing work can comply with the PCA ensuring it meets the NCC’s health, safety and sustainability objectives related to heated water services.

The course has an overview of the PCA and heated water services, and looks at 2 main processes:

  • production and storage of heated water, and
  • delivery of heated water.

It also explains the importance of temperature and pressure relief, managing Legionella growth, with commonly asked questions to show you how to apply the PCA in practice.

How do I sign up?

Each course will be available at an introductory price of $44 for a limited time only.

If you’ve subscribed to NCC CPD, you’ll be notified when the courses are available so you can take advantage of the discounted price. Once purchased it’ll be available in your member profile on our NCC CPD site, ready to complete at a time and pace to suit you.

The courses are online, and provide a flexible learning experience with a mixture of written, video and interactive material. They are mobile friendly, so checking your knowledge on the job is only a few clicks away.