When it comes to your building project, do your stairways meet the current requirements of the NCC?

We’ve developed a new NCC continuing professional development (CPD) course on stairways in buildings.

There’s some common misconceptions around stairways that can contribute to compliance challenges.

Our CPD course unpacks these misconceptions by exploring scenarios you may face in you day-to-day work when it comes to stairs.

Have a read of these examples. If they trip you up, then this course might be right for you.

What are some common misconceptions?

The term ‘balustrade’ is often used to describe any barrier between a stairway and a void – but not every balustrade is considered a compliant barrier, and may not be the only option.

Do you know the difference between a ‘going’ and ‘tread’? Knowing the difference is important to correctly calculate the slope relationship and check allowable site tolerances.

What about risers and flights? The NCC requires a flight of stairs to include no more than 18 risers. But does a flight include winders or landings?

Put simply, there is a lot to consider when building an NCC compliant stairway in a commercial or residential project. Our one-hour course is an efficient and flexible way to help you better understand stairways so you can apply it to your projects.