Engineers play a critical role in the creation and adaption of safe and compliant buildings.

They need a good understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC) to produce designs and documentation showing how a building or system complies with the code.

Our latest CPD course, NCC fundamentals for engineers, is an important course for engineers in the construction industry. The course, developed in collaboration with industry, government and subject matter experts, is part of the ABCB’s response to the Building Confidence Report.

Using examples throughout, this one-hour course helps engineers navigate the rules and instructions of the NCC and how these affect engineering design. Once the groundwork is covered, the course brings these fundamentals together and shows how they apply to important concepts relating to building and site specific characteristics. 

The course also highlights some cross-volume considerations which is a reminder of the multi-disciplinary nature of engineering and the importance of taking a holistic approach to engineering design.

On successful completion of the course and assessment, participants will better understand the NCC to help justify design decisions more effectively. They’ll also gain greater confidence to apply and interpret the NCC, identify non-compliance and rectify it.

The course is delivered fully online with an engaging format of written material, audio-visual content, worked examples and self-paced knowledge checks.